Meet Our Stars

Owen Vaccaro (Marco)     |     Anthony Patellis (Grandpa)

Meet Owen Vaccaro. You might know Owen from the hit family movie, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, or Daddy's Home or Daddy's Home 2. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his family. Owen plays Marco in Team Marco. Check out all of Owen's work.

How did you get involved with the movie? I got involved with Team Marco because my agent, Trina Allen, read the script and liked it for me. She loved the script and so when they gave me the audition, I was really excited! I found out later that the director’s sister had asked Julio to see about getting me for the movie. I’m so happy she did!  

How was the movie shoot? Shooting the movie was really fun! There were tons of kids on the set, that I am now close to. We keep in touch by FaceTime, and I got to visit them the last time I went back to New York City. Also, bocce is fun. And Staten Island was great, too. We had a blast shooting…never felt like work. There’s a place on Staten Island called Ralph’s Ices that they had on one of the locations that was awesome. On the last day, we went to a really fun gaming and dinner place with all the kids…they became really good friends. When I went back for our cast screening, long story short, my dress pants were too short.  I called my friend, Skylar, who plays Sara in the movie, and she said, "Meet us at Bloomingdale's before the screening, my mom and I will help you! And they showed right up, and we picked out an outfit that I wore right out the door. My mom was like, ”Thank God for Skylar and her mom!” 


What was it like to work with Julio? Julio was a blast. He's really funny and really cool. I never felt uneasy or nervous. He made the set feel really safe and nice. And he would let me improvise sometimes, which I loved. Also, we worked on enunciating our line before shooting our scenes…I still do that, now. Julio’s family was always there, so it felt like you were at a fun family reunion.


What do you have in common with your character Marco? Marco and I both LOVE video games and electronics. Marco has trouble relating to other kids in some ways. I can relate to that, too. My real grandpa and I go fishing when I visit him in Florida. That’s kind of our version of bocce — it gets me off my tablet and outside.  


What do you think the message of the movie is? The message of the film to me is about connecting with people. Marco connects with his grandpa once the video games are taken away. He also connects with new friends when he has to build the bocce team. Life is about that…relationships. And if you are always buried in the gaming, you miss so much. Nonno misses his wife, but he had a lot of good memories with her that you see in the movie. By the end, Marco loves Nonno so much. He might have missed out on Nonno. He almost missed out on Nonno and his new bocce friends.   

Do you think you could do "No Tech Tuesdays" like the character Fred does?  I think I actually could do it! As long as I could do my homework on my laptop…I could go without. My little brother? That’s another story! We live in the city, and my mom just started letting me ride my bike on the sidewalks without her there. So, I have been riding my bike more and more. I am hoping soon I can ride to friends’ houses. That would be awesome! I also love to read and have picked up cooking. So, I still love my gaming, but it’s not like it was before.